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Limited Warranty

Vulcan brands and its products are owned and operated by Vulcan Electronics Inc. For Vulcan to honor this limited warranty, you must present a valid, proof of purchase of the product. 

This warranty is void if the company deems, in its discretion, that the product may have been damaged through modification, improper use, end user negligence, liquid damage, or tampering of the bar code of the product unit. This warranty is a limited warranty for repair/replacement of product, subject to the conditions set forth herein. 

Vulcan is not liable for consequential, indirect, incidental, special or punitive damages and company’s total liability hereunder shall not exceed an amount greater than the retail purchase price of the product. 

Subject to the applicable provisions set forth in this document, with regard to this limited warranty, you are responsible for all costs in connection with the shipping and handling of the product to Vulcan, and Vulcan is likewise responsible for all shipping and handling of the product back to you. Vulcan holds no risk of loss of the product in connection with the transportation and shipment of the product in any way relating to this limited warranty.


Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty

Vulcan certifies you as the original retail purchaser of the product, if the product has any defects, under normal conditions, such defects will be repaired or replaced with new or reconditioned product, under Vulcan’s discretion, without charge, if submitted to Vulcan within 90 days from the date of purchase. This warranty only covers manufacturer defects and the product must be returned to Vulcan in its original condition. Proof of purchase is required.


1-Year Limited Parts Warranty

The one year limited parts warranty gives you the option to return the product to Vulcan for repair/replacement. You will be responsible for labor charges. This warranty does not cover any incidental or indirect costs incurred as a result of a defect in the product, including any consequential, incidental or indirect damages. Product may take up to 30 days to be returned to you. You may contact from an updated status of your repairs.


Return Authorization

Please contact the Vulcan service department for a Return Authorization number before shipping unit(s) to Vulcan. Information required for R/A request should include your name and/or company name, telephone number, model and serial number(s). Return Authorization (R/A) number must be clearly marked on outside of each carton when shipped to Vulcan. Return merchandise must be packed in original shipping containers or otherwise packed adequately to prevent damage in shipment. 

You are responsible for all risk of damage to or loss of merchandise in transit to Vulcan. Vulcan reserves the right to reject any merchandise that is not packaged and/or marked as instructed herein. You must pay any shipping charges if it is necessary to ship the product for service. However, if the necessary repairs are covered by the warranty, we will pay the return shipping charges to any destination within the United States. Whenever warranty service is required, you must present a copy of the original dated sales receipt as proof of warranty coverage. 

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