Stay connected on the go with a Vulcan Windows Notebooks. Vulcan Notebooks come with a powerful Quad-Core Atom processor, High Quality HD screen and Windows 10 with Bing Operating System that allows you to multitask seemingly and watch movies without any lag. 

Today’s generation of Intel® Atom™ processors delivers energy-efficient performance to power a range of computing devices. 

Stay in touch with family and friends in 60 countries using Skype (free Skype credits with new accounts) 

Page Travel light without sacrificing power

A thin, lightweight Android* or Windows* 10 tablet with an Intel® Atom™ processor can browse the web at high speed, play HD movies, and move effortlessly between super-responsive apps. No matter where you go, bring a range of rich, instantly accessible experiences along.

A Notebooks with the Intel® Atom™ processor is power-optimized to keep up with you. Listen to music, watch movies, and play games on the go—without worrying about battery life.

Outstanding battery life


Get the most out of your Windows* 10 experience, with compatibility, flexibility to run third-party applications, and the ability to swap devices whenever you need to. 

Vulcan Electronics®, is a manufacturer of Mobility devices and accesories, since 1994. All of Vulcan® Tablets, Notebooks, Netbooks are powered by Intel, Microsoft, and some instances custom SKUs have been created to satisfy customer and partners business needs. 

We aspire to keeping our partners and customers connected and sharing their memorable experiences through our Vulcan mobile devices, and accesories.


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